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For example, continuing the example from Section 22.2: Along with the ordinary subscript operators, valarray provides four different subset operations. Each of

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valarray example

valarray operator+() const; valarray operator-() const; valarray operator~() const; . valarray operators example #include <iostream> // std::cout #include Feb 2, 2010 - How can I use a std::valarray to store/manipulate a 2D array? I'd like to see an example of a 2D array with elements accessed by row/column A valarray is simply an array of values. It is templated on its value type, so for example a stdext::valarray <float> is an array of floats and a stdext::valarray <long>

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values on which various arithmetic operations are performed; for example, +, <valarray>, which is designed to carry out vector operations very efficiently. The default constructor is provided to allow arrays of valarrays. efficiency from an ordinary `C' array (resulting from a file operation, for example) into a valarray. Multiplies the elements of a specified valarray or a value of the element type, element-wise, to an operand valarray. ExampleJump to Example - Example. // // valarray.cpp // #include <cstddef> // for size_t #include <iostream> // for cout #include <valarray> // for valarray template Oct 21, 2009 - Physicist Ulrich Mutze provides a use-case for valarray here and here .. For your valarray example above, you didn't have to construct a temp Jump to Example - Example. This section is incomplete. Reason: no example. [edit.

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